Solbian AllinOne Series

Solbian SP23 AllinOne Mono Cell Solar Panel w/integrated MPPT Controller


SP Solbianflex series ALLinONE

It’s never been so easy to get the most from SunPowerTM cells 

The SP series, top of the Solbian ex range, manu- factured with selected SunPowerTM monocrystalline silicon cells, reaching a record 23% conversion of sunlight into electricity, in a new ALLinONE version: solar panel + charge controller

All the electronics you need is already packed into the rugged waterproof metal box: a sophisticated MPPT controller capable of boosting the voltage for a perfect t to your battery.

SunPowerTM cells represent the most advanced available technology on the market, and make the Solbian SP series the highest ef ciency exible panels. 

Technical Data

  • Power: 23W
  • Weight: 1.322lbs
  • Length: 23.7 inches 
  • Width: 11.7inches
  • Thickness: 0.59 inches
  • Number of Cells: 7
  • Battery Voltage: 12/24V
  • Max Current 2/1 A
  • 7 AMPS/HR
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