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Solara Panels

Solara Ultra Glass Panels (S480M36 S625M44)

from 900.00
  • Ultra Series panels use genuine high-grade SunPower back contact monocrystalline cells with over 22.5% efficiency.

Excellent heat, humidity, and vibration resistance.

SunPower back-contact cells have high shade tolerance.

Attractive and unobstructive all-black finish.

High torsional rigitidy from double-walled aluminum frame.

All-around flange and upgraded corner splines.

SunPower Cells give superior preformance in high temperature, low light, and low sun angle conditions.

Scratch resistant, thermally hardended, low iron glass.

Narrow width allows for multiple panel instillations. 

Manufactured in Germany to high standards.

Designed and built for the harsh marine envirement.

5 year manufacturing defect warranty. 

150W Module:

  • 59" x 22"
  • 25.96 VMP
  • 6.0 IMP
  • 21.2 Pounds
  • 44 SunPower Cells

120w Module:

  • 49" x 22"
  • 19.08 VMP
  • 6.56 IMP
  • 17.4 Pounds
  • 36 SunPower Cells
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