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Solara Panels

Power M Series (S440M34 S460M35 S560M43)

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Optics and design

  • Elegant and attractive completely black design
  • Extremely flat module design with aluminum sandwich support plate
  • Thanks to a unique, innovative cell connector, it can be installed very fl exibly, eg on the tonneau
  • Fully accessible
  • Cable routing directly through the carrier plate already prepared
  • Cable outlet optimally positioned for use on exposed roofs

Maximum performance with the highest quality

  • Extremely high efficiency due to the use of monocrystalline cells with back contact and over 22% efficiency
  • Increased voltage through additional solar cells
  • High yield in all seasons due to best low light behavior - even with diffuse light
  • Specially developed for long-term use in extreme heat and high humidity
  • Equipped with UV-stable solar connection cable and seawater-proof cable output
  • External hotspot protector with bypass diodes against possible cell overheating is included in the scope of supply


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