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A drop in Engel for mounting in your counter top. It hangs from the top rim and features Engel's newest horizontal compressor. The lid is removable. The temperature controller shipped in the freezer can be moved to an exterior location near the freezer.  Ideal for boats, RV's and campers - where performance counts and flexible mounting options are critical.

MB40V Features: 

  • Can Operate Up To a 30º Incline
  • Low Amp Draws – Even at Start-Up
  • Solar/Wind/Generator Compatible
  • 100% CFC-Free Compressor
  • Vibration Resistant for Extreme Conditions
  • Efficient Cooling Independent from Ambient (Approx 90º F)
  • Compressor is Mounted Horizontally on Bottom of Unit.
  • Lid is Free Standing, Not Physically Attached to Shell of Unit. This Allows for Easy Instal Mounting to Bottom of the Removed Counter Top
  • DC Power Connection Has Hardwire Connection 
  • Compressor Can be Moved to 3 Different Locations Below Box. (See Owners Manual)

Model: MB40V

Power Options: 12/24V DC Only

Power Draw (Amps): 3.0 (DC 12V) / 1.5 (DC 24V)

Power Draw (Watts): 36 Watts 

Internal Dimensions: (LxWxH) 16.53" x 10.35" x 13.89"

External Dimensions: (LxWxH) 19.68" x 13.38" x 24.72"

Gas Type: HFC-134a

Weight: 45 lbs

Net Volume: 42 Qts (1.4 Cubic Ft)

Click here for Owners Manual (Includes installation information)

For Installing: You must keep the counter-top piece that is removed to install the unit. That counter-top piece will be mounted to the top of the lid thus making it flush with the current counter-top.

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