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LED Bulbs / Lamps Replacement for Perko, Hella & Other Fixtures
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42mm Festoon White 12-LED Perko

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Festoon 42mm LED   /   1-11/16" Long

Twelve (12) - 5050 LED's - Flat LED LAMP

Fits Perko Bulbs / Lamps Model: 0070DP0CLR

Do you have a navigation light(s) that consume 10-35 watts of power or more - OVER One to Three AMPS Each Bulb?  Does your nav light heat up to a burning touch or is it on a SAIL Mast that's 40feet in the air?

We have come up with a low-cost LED replacement.  As pictured - these have EIGHT, 5050smd LED's that output 160 Lumens.  The 5050 LED chip size is the Largest Chip LED in it class with the MOST lumen output.  This LED is much brighter than your stock 10w-35w filament lamp and saves over 90% of energy usage just from one lamp!

  • Perko Lamp Festoon Sockets
  • Length:  1-11/16"   /   1.65"   /   42mm
  • 12v / 2NM
  • Actual 180-Degree
  • Great for Navigation Lights & Non-Nav Lights
  • Draws ONLY 0.2 Amps at 12 Volts (200 milli-amps)
  • Less than 1 Watt Consumption at 12 Volts
  • White LED Color (not dim/yellowish warm-white)
  • Color temperature: 7500K-8000K
  • Size(Approx): 42mm x 22mm (L*W)
  • 1-11/16" Tallx7/8" Wide
  • Lighting Angle: 180 degree
  • Individually Hand Tested with one-hour run/test time
  • Point to point welding, the light body structure are firm, not easy to damage.
  • Over 50,000 HOURS of LIFE !!!
  • ZERO - RF (radio frequency) emission, surface-mount fixture design
  • Internal circuit provides constant current draw regardless of voltage variation from 10-15 VDC
  • Long Life - Shockproof - No Filament to Burn Out
  • Lead & Mercury free - NO UV output
  • All LED Lamps are Polarity Based, if the lamp is installed and does not illuminate, flip it around.
  • ---- Fits the following fixtures & many more ----
  • Perko 0070DP0CLR / 0070DP1CLR

No one else makes anything close to this LED, if they do, it has smaller and or less LED's.

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42mm 12-5050 LED.jpg