Ice Box Conversions

SCQT 4408F-U1-I


Ice Box Conversion Kit - with 'I' Shaped Flat Evaporator
Owners of boats and RVs and cabins in remote locations have often expressed the desire to convert an available space in the galley to a refrigerator or freezer. Now, with Engel’s new Fridge/Freezer Conversion Kit, anyone with a need for refrigeration can get a complete set of high-quality, ready-to-install Engel components and build their own refrigerator freezer or replace the cooling system of a broken or inefficient unit.

The Engel Fridge/Freezer Conversion Kit includes the latest generation Engel Swing Motor compressor with a tri-voltage power supply, and an evaporation unit, along with the needed copper tubing and wiring needed to install the system. The evaporator is available in either a flat or ‘L’ shaped configuration. The entire cooling system is pre-charged with 100% CFC-Free coolant, with quick-connect fittings.

The system operates on 12/24V DC and 110/120V AC. The system will automatically switch from DC to AC power when available. The proven efficiency of the swing motor compressor calls for minimal power consumption, drawing between 1.3-2.5 amps per hour on 12/24V DC. This makes the Engel Conversion Kit an ideal replacement for an outmoded refrigerator with an inefficient traditional compressor.

When designing a new unit, the user must first fabricate an insulated cold box with a tight fitting door or lid, or use an existing good quality cooler like an Engel ENG65 DeepBlue Cooler. The compressor and evaporation unit can be installed next to, or away from the enclosure. Approximately nine feet of copper tubing and wiring is included and can be played out as needed to connect the compressor unit with the cold-box. Suitable ventilation is needed around the compressor, with air allowed to enter low and escape above.

A wired temperature control unit is also included and can be mounted away from the compressor.

IMPORTANT: Unit requires irreversible self installation. 

Features for the SCQT 4480F-U1-I:

  • AC/DC Compatible
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Incline Operation Up To 30° Off Level
  • Automatic Voltage Selection between AC and DC power
  • Highly Efficient Engel Swing Motor - Low Amp Draws (Even At Start-Up)
  • Solar Compatible
  • 100% CFC-Free Compressor
  • Vibration Resistant For Extreme Conditions
  • Will Operate 90 Degrees (F) From Ambient Temp.
  • UL Approved 

Model: SCQT 4408F-U1-I

Freezer Capacity: 50 Quarts or Smaller*

Refrigerator Capacity: 100 Quarts or Smaller (to 40ºF)*

Power Options: 12/24V DC & 110/120V AC

Power Draw (Amps): 1.3-2.5 Amps DC 12/24 V; 0.7 AC 120V

Power Draw (Watts): 40 Watts 

Gas Type: HFC-134a

Weight: Approx. 26.5 lbs

Click here for Owners Manual with Product Dimensions

*Both capacities listed above are assuming there is at least 2” of insulation present in the current ice box.



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